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About Us

Ceramic centers created by the "ABAD" public legal entity are a unique creative platform of our country and the entire region. One of these centers, located in the Nardaran settlement, along with the production of ceramic dishes, is also focused on other applied arts.

What we can?

Our team will prepare for you any object in the original design style. We will meet the requirements of any customer professionally, promptly and at the highest level: we organize a unique design of the facades of private houses, office buildings, residential buildings, museums, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and even streets and avenues. In other words, we can turn any space into a real work of art. Fashion is unstable, but the masterpieces created by us in the national style will elevate your object to the level of a monument.

We are ready to offer you the following types of design:

• Production of ceramic mosaics, ceramic plates and statues for exterior and interior design of residential buildings and catering centers;
• Improvement of streets and avenues, making houses for stray animals and birds;
• Preparation of various vases, services;
• Decoration of the exterior and interior of residential premises and catering centers with the help of art panels;
• Making handmade carpets;
• Performing any woodwork (furniture, fence carving, etc.).
Art Factory
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Our address

Baku City, Nasimi District,
M.A. Aliyev,
At the intersection of R. Rza and D. Aliyeva streets
Premium office
9th floor
+994 12 404 79 41
+994 12 404 79 61